Charles Loupot (1892 – 1962) was one of the most prolific and celebrated poster artists of the twentieth century. His work, alongside that of Paul Colin, Jean Carlu and A. M. Cassandre, was part of the great ‘second’ generation of French poster artists working in Paris at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Loupot’s visual sophistication and innovative technique paved the way for a radically new conception of commercial poster design. He was a draughtsman and painter, an expert in the arts of lithography and typography, and a pioneer in the use of the aerograph — an early form of airbrush. Loupot was commissioned by some of the most creative minds in advertising including Eugène Schueller of L’Orèal and Max Augier of St-Raphaël. Notoriously a very private man, few interviews exist with the artist. Charles Loupot died at home in Arcs-sur Agent in 1962.